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The questions that have remained timeless and profound throughout history have been all but left for dead. There have been messages left in scripture, archeological remains, shamanic traditions, philosophy, poetry, art and music. As we move closer to an apex of technological and intellectual information, we find ourselves farther and farther away from feeling any comfort or wholeness within our hearts and souls. Yet even though the concept of spirituality should have been long gone by now, we are seeing an awakening among people and a growing desire for truth. For the first time in history we are finding that there are no sole saviors or lone prophets to guide us, but a whole race waking from a sleep that has brought this world to the brink of destruction. In a world where Apocalyptic catastrophes seem inevitable, we must look at the solutions in a whole new manner. As the latest quantum mechanics and metaphysics are just being discovered, we notice that we are not moving forward, but returning to a consciousness that the ancient shamans, mystics and sages have left for us. It is a new age. An age for responsibility and stewardship. And as we begin to look for answers in the world within, the world without will reflect. In this new age, we will discover that we are all one mind, one organism, and one spirit. We are the savior we have been waiting for.


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“Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” by Peter Joseph. [30 subtitles ADDED!]

On Jan. 15th, 2011, “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward” was released theatrically to sold out crowds in 60 countries; 31 languages; 295 cities and 341 Venues. It has been noted as the largest non-profit independent film release in history.

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Dinosaur Eggs and Babies

Discoveries of dinosaur eggs, nests, and even embryos, are providing new evidence to unlock the mysteries of dinosaur reproductive behavior.
This educational program explores the mysteries of dinosaur reproduction with animation and interviews with renowned dinosaur experts including Robert Bakker, Philip Currie, Mark Norell, and others.
Were dinosaurs social animals? Did they care for their young? What was life like for baby dinosaurs? These are some of the intriguing questions addressed in this informative program.
In this educational program that seeks to uncover the mystery of dinosaur reproductive behavior, interviews with experts scrutinize the scientific discoveries and ponder just how dinosaur parents birthed and cared for their offspring.

A brief history of time

The movie about Stephen Hawking’s ideas from his book titled the same and abut his life. A Brief History of Time attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and super-string theory, to the nonspecialist reader. Its main goal is to give an overview of the subject but, unusual for a popular science book, it also attempts to explain some complex mathematics.
The author notes that an editor warned him that for every equation in the book the readership would be halved, hence it includes only a single equation: E = mc². In addition to Hawking’s abstinence from equations, the book also simplifies matters by means of illustrations throughout the text, depicting complex models and diagrams. The book is considered by many to be an “unread bestseller”, which is a book many people own but few have finished.
I really do like the idea to address such an exciting subject to non mathematicians. The choice of topics is well balanced and gives you an interesting introduction into the modern view of our universe. In particular the introduction of sometimes contradictory models explain how physics works the evolution of ideas.

IMAX – Destiny In Space

Destiny in Space gives viewers an exciting glimpse into the future of space exploration. Featuring giant-screen images of the space shuttle in orbit around the Earth and thrilling fly-overs of Mars and Venus, the film focuses on the dramatic partnership of humans and robots working in space.
An IMAX(R) camera deployed via satellite provides rare views of the shuttle, in its entirety, orbiting 200 miles above Earth. Audiences are with the astronauts as they work in Spacelab and outside the shuttle in the hazardous vacuum of space, performing a spectacularly successful servicing mission of the Hubble Space Telescope.

Dangerous knowledge

Part 1

Part 2

In this one-off documentary, David Malone looks at four brilliant mathematicians – Georg Cantor, Ludwig Boltzmann, Kurt Gödel and Alan Turing – whose genius has profoundly affected us, but which tragically drove them insane and eventually led to them all committing suicide.
The film begins with Georg Cantor, the great mathematician whose work proved to be the foundation for much of the 20th-century mathematics. He believed he was God’s messenger and was eventually driven insane trying to prove his theories of infinity.
Ludwig Boltzmann’s struggle to prove the existence of atoms and probability eventually drove him to suicide. Kurt Gödel, the introverted confidant of Einstein, proved that there would always be problems which were outside human logic. His life ended in a sanatorium where he starved himself to death.

Curiosity – Did God Create the Universe? | The Big Bang – Preview

Just a preview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could live forever? What would happen if aliens attacked? Why sex is fun? Welcome to Curiosity.
More than just a landmark television series, Curiosity is an adventure of discovery, an expedition to uncover the truths behind life’s most challenging questions. With an insatiable thirst for answers and experiences, we’re prepared to do anything, go anywhere and ask anyone to get to the heart of the matter.
Whether it’s jumping out of an airplane to confront fear, having neuroscientists implant false memories, or donating tissue to test the possibility of regeneration, there is nothing stopping us as we embark on a global journey of learning and surprises.
Curiosity asks and answers the most fundamental questions facing the world today. Each episode of Curiosity will focus on a single enduring question in science, technology, and society. As is always the case, one single question cascades into several more, making each episode of Curiosity a rich and textured experience.

Creation of the Universe (full documentary)

creationuniverseThe film incorporates Interviews with astrophysicists including Martin Rees, Alan Guth, Alfonso Aragon and Francisco Sanchez. The general scientific community has a 99% certainty in the Big Bang Theory; however, that certainty drops significantly when considering the moment leading up the bang itself, as it is almost impossible to recreate the conditions in a laboratory.
Inflationary Theory seeks to describe the very moment the universe began expanding. This theory proposes that a peculiar form of matter capable of turning gravity “on it’s head” is responsible for the expansion of the Universe. Dark matter is noted to make up 95% of the universe, though little is known about what dark matter itself is comprised of.
Seeking to understand more about the nature of life itself, scientists turn to Mars for a better understanding of organic material, if and how the Red Planet ever supported living organisms, and how long ago? Comets are also studied for any insights they may offer into the vast history of the Universe and the direction in which it may be headed.
While Earth is the only indication of intelligent life that has been proven to date, there is a strong statistical likelihood that other life-sustaining planets do exist. There have been discoveries in the past twenty years regarding the movement of planets in other systems that further increase this likelihood.
Creation of the Universe questions the projected evolution of the Universe and what we may someday face in furthering space exploration, and whether we may even establish communication with intelligent beings. But for any of this to happen we must first harness the ability to travel at the speed of light – a capability that may very well come to pass.

US Soldier speaks out on hidden truth of 2012 We are in the end times! America is doomed

Published on Apr 5, 2012

Since the beginning of time Humans have fought over money. It is the root of all evil! The federal reserve has exceeded their authority by printing paper money. Its in the constitution to make printing money with out backing is illegal. If you dont know what martial law is figure it out right now before Fema and our military show up at your door to out you on the yellow, red or blue list!